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How to make DIY Vape juice

Making your own vape juice in Dubai and any other parts of the world is interesting and will be a great experience, and it all depends on how much you know about creating vape juice. Whether you know it or not, you can create your own DIY e juice, DIY meaning “Do It Yourself” by following the simple e juice recipe step-by-step procedures. By learning how to make your own vape juice, there is no need for you to go buy e juice from a vape shop in Dubai. But you have to ensure that all  the required tools and mixture are in hand. For making your own vape juice in Dubai, you have to know some basic chemistry and safety will be the number one priority while making it. 

So now prepare your own vape juice by following the e liquid recipes. Mix nicotine, base liquid of Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol, and the required flavor of your choice. It is unnecessary for nicotine. Preferences vary, maybe the person would be interested in nicotine free vape juice. It is purely based on the interest of the person to make his/her own vape juice.  People may think the preparation method could be a huge task but it isn’t as complicated as you think.  There is no need for an advanced knowledge in chemistry. Handling of the e liquid concentrates should be done very carefully. Anyone can make their own cocktail from home and also can prepare their own vape juice from home. In spite of the fact that getting ready vape juice is believed to be straightforward, now and again the outcome ranges from only a fluid you may lean toward tossing down the channel to the best e juice ever.

Concerning the amount of vape juice you have to make, you can figure out how to set it up anyplace. What is in vape juice? There are key ingredients in vape juice and equipment required for it and they are: Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), flavor, nicotine (in diluted form), and distilled water (alternatively vodka), in spite of the fact that nicotine or vodka are not necessary components. PG, VG, and enhancing can be utilized at an absolute minimum readiness measure.

Outline to make your vape juice:

  • Make a visit to a DIY vape shop, you can order online or purchase the elements from a local vendor.
  • Acquire some Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol; a bottle of 100 ml of each is enough.
  • In your chart, include several 50 ml bottles (plastic-made) and several pipettes.
  • The most appealing part of DIY vape juice is flavoring for your e-juice: after getting the package, drip 10 – 20 drops of the flavorings using the pipettes in an empty bottle.
  • Half-fill the bottle with Propylene Glycol and add Vegetable Glycerin until it’s filled.
  • Shake the bottle gently and allow it to settle.
  • Enjoy your e-juice

After doing this process you are obtained with safest vape juice which can be flavoured vape juice or flavourless vape juice. And now it’s time to vape your own safest vape juice. The flavour may be different from what you purchase from a vape shop in Dubai. Remember that it is purely made by you from home. And the main question lies how long does vape juice last ? It will be similar to the vape juice which is available in stores, 1-2 years of expiration date will be there. 

Vape Juice Making guide


Preparation of Nicotine

Some mathematics knowledge will be used to determine the amount of nicotine needed when making the e-juice attain a satisfactory percentage. Because the nicotine is in dilute form, its strength (in milligrams) and entire vape juice volume are used to figure out the amount of nicotine desired. An online nic salt calculator can as well make the calculations easy. Using too much nicotine will spoil your overall e-juice so slightly less than the recommended amount in the recipe is added, then added dropwise to taste. After attaining the desired level of nicotine in the mix, but you haven’t attained a satisfactory throat hit, you can add a few drops of vodka.

Preparation of Flavor

This step is very critical as it can make or spoil the overall e-juice, so it requires you to be attentive. A single flavor or a mix of various flavors can serve you well. Nevertheless, beginners are advised to use only one or at most two flavors. Like the nicotine, slightly less than the recommended amount of flavor in the recipe is added. This prevents you from ruining the overall batch. A taste test is conducted after steeping to drip some more flavoring to taste. For beginners, you are advised never (unless you are certain of the procedure) to use over 10% of the whole batch on flavoring vape ingredients.

Preparing base

Depending on the online calculator or your recipe, you can select your desired VG/PG blend, but often, the mix is in the ratio of 50:50 or 80:20. Most importantly, when determining the volume of VG/PG to be used, it is critical to remember that VG and PG traces are contained in diluted nicotine.

Mixing Vape Juice Blend

Now that you have all the ingredients ready, put them in a bottle and begin shaking. VG is highly viscous, so shaking must be sufficiently strong to enable it to mix juice with the other elements.


Steeping is your choice, but the vape juice will surely taste better if it was steeped, just as good as an aged wine. The freshly prepared e-juice can be tried out after you are done making the vape juice. Steeping is nothing other than allowing the ready-to-vape e-liquid to settle in a cool and dark corner. Actually, there’s no predefined duration for steeping an e-juice, but it can be a couple of days or weeks. Again, VG which is the most viscous ingredient will constantly settle down at the bottom of the bottle, hence shaking will be a routine activity. 

Even though,this is the process of making a vape juice, you shouldn’t claim “I can make my juice vape now” without taking necessary safety precautions and knowing to mix safely without reactions. Be Safe in the process of mixing and Vaping.

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