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Justfog Minifit Pods Pack of (3) 1.5mL in Dubai

Get the ultimate simplicity when vaping with our Justfog MiniPods, which brings you the convenience and satisfaction of vaping. This pack provides three tins each with 1.5ml of e-liquid to ensure you do not run out of stock. It guarantees uninterrupted vaping satisfaction. Designed for the advantageous JustFog MiniFit device, these pods have been engineered to ensure that the user enjoys the ultimate vaping experience that is full of flavors and that is very convenient.

Unlock Intense Flavor with Justfog Minifit Pods – Buy Now!

With our pod accommodating up to 1.5 mL of e-liquid, you can comfortably exhale for extended periods without having to frequently reload. The lightweight design of pods provides an easy way to carry them around and their small compact size makes them conveniently use them on the move. Equipped with a no-fuss, simple refill module, you no longer struggle to refill your e-juice for a hassle-free experience.

Experience Smooth Vaping with Justfog Minifit Pods Pack of (3)

We’ve tailored the Justfog Minifit Pods, made to deliver maximum quality output, guaranteeing the cleanest and most consistent flavor in every puff. Vary from new users to professional vapers, these pods will deliver the best vaping experience even though it varies throughout the levels of experience.

minifit kit

Experience the new milestone with Justfog Minifit Pods and give wings to your vaping adventures by getting your pack of Justfog Minifit Pods. For Dubai, these pods are the best choice that would satisfy the vapers who are persnickety with flavor, application, and pleasure.


What is the resistance of the Minifit coil?

The JustFog MiniFiT Pods could be the right capsules for your JustFog MiniFiT Kit. The 1608 1.6 ohm resistors are equipped with a 1,5 ml volume reservoir.

How long does it take for a Minifit to charge?

The device is frustratingly sturdy- In one and a half months I’ve dropped it no less than 2 times. A single scratch on the damage-proof device was another surprise to me, but disappointingly, the beauty of the device was not altered as well. Charging is as quick as 20 minutes from fully drained, so you don’t have to wait long on the power lines.

What size battery is in the Minifit?

Battery Capacity: 370mAh.Battery Type: Fixed. LED Battery Level Indicator. Battery Charging: with the USB micro charger.

What is the use of Minifit?

Minifit Justfog is part of a family of e-cigarettes and uses interchangeable pods as a nicotine delivery system. Here is the variable which is the core of the experiment: resistance, but it has been altered. A resistance of 1.6 Ohms for a larger latte type in a very small cup.

How do I turn on Minifit?

The Justfog Minifit Pod can be switched on or off by pressing the fire button five short times to start or stop operating. Make sure to switch off the Minifit before putting it in your pocket or some other location to avoid any unforeseen incidents.

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