Nexus – Blue Raspberry Pod Salt Disposable Device

40 AED

For memorable times with friends!

Salt Pod Nexus, The 2000-puff pod, is among the top disposable devices available. In addition, people nowadays do not want to go through the stress. They usually don’t need to worry about refilling or charging things. This is why pod salt Nexus is one of the most popular vape kits. After you’ve finished the kit, you can toss it away. Overall, it’s a great disposable kit to use for vaping.

Flavor – Blue Raspberry

The perfect combination of sweetness. Enjoy a vape with blue raspberry overtones that is sweet and tart and candy-inspired. An all-time favorite, sweet, succulent slushy made from frozen, luscious blue raspberries. If you’re new to vaping, this is one of the greatest flavors to start with.

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