MYLÉ Mini – Lemon Mint Disposable Device

40.00 AED Exc. VAT

Best Decision Of Quitting Smoking Is Here! 

Enjoy the best flavor of lemon mint in this disposable vape device. Despite the fact that it is the healthier alternative to smoking this mini myle vape device has the most intriguing flavor that everyone will love.  Grab this vape device today and enjoy the phenomenal flavor with the least amount of nicotine. 

Flavor – Lemon Mint

Reminisce over a glass of freshly squeezed lemonade with the perfect amount of mint leaves. This is guaranteed to be a pleasant surprise for any lemon vape fans, as it is perfectly sweet with just a splash of sour. With each inhales, you’ll be treated to a wonderful blend of zesty lemon and fresh mint, and with each exhale, you’ll feel invigorated.

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